The Unfair Approach from freeholders is not going un-noticed

All to often we hear of the leaseholder having to fight his freeholder due to costs being forced on the leaseholder

When dealing with your freeholder never let time pass without knowing your deadlines to reply, all documents that are served on you as a leaseholder are time sensitive and your case no matter how strong may not have a leg to stand on

Recently we came across a freeholder that somehow found a contractor that was quoting four times the price of any other contractor found by the leaseholders, stand your ground the Leasehold tribunal they are impartial and judge all cases fairly, costs incurred can be shared amongst the leaseholders if all are in agreement giving strength in numbers

We recommend in any case to always seek legal advice when disputing any issues with your freeholder

When it comes to lease extensions freeholders have different rights depending on how long you have had your lease the shorter your lease the higher the premium may be for an extension we recommend when requesting a lease extension seeking a leasehold valuation specialist that may guide you through the procedure.

Wanting to sell your Leasehold property but have a short lease? there are legal mechanisms that are available to the leaseholder that enable you to pass your rights to a new purchaser but the buyer will need to act quick

In recent press there has been talk of the government tackling the leasehold issues and banning future home developers from granting leases on houses and talks of future flat developments having tighter regulations