Sell-Fast tips to sell your house fast and be better than the competition

When looking to sell your home quickly Sell-Fast has compiled a list of tips that can make the difference.

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Quite Obviously Your properties looks are immensely important assure if you have a viewing of a potential purchaser the property shows well. A well looked after home gives the buyer a assurity no hidden skeletons are in the closet.


The Property from Outside

Often Viewers only look outside a property when they decide they want to view the property so Kerb appeal can be a key to getting prospective purchasers for your property.

So prior to taking images to advertise your home a good start would be:-

  • Cleaning your windows- when marketing a good deep clean of windows and their frames will attract buyers that know they may not need to replace windows which may mean a huge expense to onward buyers also it will allow more light to enter the home which is key for viewings.
  • Ensure the home is Visible and a display a door number if you have a viewing and Off street parking is available save a space for the owners as no one wants to walk up the street in rain to view the property
  • Outside Lighting gives a sense of security, more often than not with buyers busy at work viewings may take place at night. Lighting gives a sense of security and presents the home nicely.
  • Shrubs and planting in the drive should be neat clean & free of weeds. Not only does this make the property presentable. But excessive growth blocks light from entering the home and can dull the inside of the home.

Garden or outside space

Garden Lovers look for outdoor spaces so make sure you show off your asset if you have one. Simple changes make all the difference.

  • Show off your garden lighting with Gardens being a show piece of tranquillity assure even when it’s raining and dim on the outside lighting allows buyers to experience the tranquillity of the home.
  • Cut the lawn and remove any weeds- Gardens again are an asset. What shouldn’t happen is the buyer feels they are buying a liability that could cost them thousands to bring back into a suitable space.
  • Remove the bins or assure they are tucked away especially when marketing your home online an agent who cares will always move these prior to taking a picture for prospective buyers.
  • You may love your neighbours, but buyers will want the outside space to be secluded so insure you are not overlooked this is a big put off for buyers.

Your Homes Appearance

All Major developers have worked out they can stage a home to fit the lifestyle of their purchasers in all major developments show flats/homes are key to the success of a developers project therefore you can copy their stance when it comes to showing your home.

Stage your property by following these steps to assure your home is shown at its best.


  • Tidy up:Organise timed viewings and assure your home is clean. A simple hoover and polish goes a long way.
  • Set the dinner table If you have a dinner tableset up your best plates and place a centrepiece families love to envisage your home as their home what better way than family dining?
  • Bedrooms– put away any dirty laundry make the beds with clean linen. We always use neutral bedding and use a throw simple accessories give that sense of warmth and almost makes the viewer want to move right in.
  • Display Towels in the bathrooms on towel rails and shelves. Theres no harm in allowing the buyer to feel the comfort they feel when visiting a hotel room
  • Warm lightingIntroduce lamps with a warm light to heighten the tranquillity in the home and also adds that décor touch that will cut your property above the rest.
  • The nose that buys a property, the family pooch is yours and yours only and a clean home should be free of smells a simple scent diffuser will mask smells that stand out and can put off buyers.
  • Heating:– make sure your heating is set to a warm temperature this not only makes the viewing comfortable but assures that the system is working and no upfront costs will need to be incurred to change the boiler system.
  • Fresh cut Flowersin hallways and living spaces really add a touch of charm and show off a stylish vendor. With the fresh scent that aids to a more pleasant viewing.
  • Remove all clutter we often visit properties and notice all the hallways cluttered and porches with kids bikes and other bric & brac this makes the space feel small & congested
  • Show of the assets for their original use: – when you market the home as a specific number of bedrooms the client would usually expect to see that number so always assure if you were using a bedroom as storage arrangements are made to clear the room to its original state

Decorating – Just like cars you can polish a premium into your home with simple changes

Properties are what you make them – from the colour of the walls to the choice of your furniture. This will either make or break your properties likeability and therefore whether a buyer will be keen or not?

  • bright coloured walls:Viewers can really be put off with statement colours and the more neutral one keeps the theme is usually a deciding factor when viewers come to your home
  • Wall paper:- feature wall or mistake assure that whatever wall coverings you have are in good condition with knocks and nicks out of sight
  • Lick of refreshing paint can cover unsightly damage that you as a homeowner have grown to accept may be unacceptable and a Saturday job you. Could of done can cause drops in offers so try to avoid this.
  • Mould & condensation can be signs of an expensive fix so try to remedy and signs n not only is it horrendous to look at it can also be bad for the inhabitants health and should be remedied.
  • Original doors & floorboards :- these existing assets can be brought back to like with a simple strip, sand & Varnish and their shabby chic look is just in with todays décor standards.
  • Carpetsold torn and tired carpets should be replaced not only will this effect value old carpets hold smells buyers may find off putting.

Home improvements

Home improvements at a cost?

If you have saved some additional funds and are willing to carry out some works this is where Sell-Fast feels the best place to invest



A properties kitchen is a big asset and if funds allow you c ould refurbish and present your home in a better way


  • Simply replacing old tired worktops:this simple change can refresh the kitchen
  • Old kitchen doors can be painted simple acrylic paint and a paintbrush to a neutral colour can refresh the units if the hinges and carcasses are in a good state.
  • Splash backs old tiles with dirty grout is a big no no so maybe just strip the splashback, paint or retile goes a long way.
  • Pinterest is a great app for inspiration and gives you a great guide on modern trends & helps give a wider appeal.


Often when we buy older properties we see a trend of the past with pink and lime green suites being the first thing we remove when tackling a refurbishment project. So if this is you and you are unable to change such suites make sure the buyer is aware this has already been allowed for in your asking price avoiding any price chips/knocks down the line.


  • Replace a dated suite with a basic white suite. Some merchants can provide a full 3 piece suite for below £700 for a decent quality so this is a worthy expense
  • Always assure there is at least one bath in the house as well as showering facilities
  • The flooring should be waterproof so if you have carpet in your bathroom replace with tiles or a decorative vinyl.

This is not a full list of what we recommend when selling your home to ensure your home attracts quality buyers that truly pay the maximum value. If this is just a little bit too much work for you. Why not give our professionals a call and we will be able to offer a Sell-fast can make an allowance for these issues and complete our purchase within 7 days.