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Why is the Market in London Cooling While Other Cities in the UK Still Seeing Growth

Although other cities in the UK are still seeing growth, it cannot be denied that market in London is cooling now.  After decades of such runaway growth, the housing market of London is finally cooling. The average house price in London fell by about 1.5% in March.If you need any help regarding buy my house [...]

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Buying Property In Uk From Overseas

Buying property in UK is becoming increasingly popular with overseas investors as more people realise what UK can offer them. One such offer is high quality developments being constructed at bargain prices. Many of the properties are aimed at the luxury market and they have been fitted with exceptional features and facilities. Our buying property [...]

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What to Do When Your Portfolio Is Not Ready With Tax Changes

You May Need To ' Sell House Fast ' If Your Portfolio Is Not Ready With Tax Changes Soon, your buy-to-let properties may become a burden on your tax return. It will not be long when your precious buy-to-let investments, which offered you great revenue, will soon increase your personal tax. With the recent tax [...]

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Need To Sell My House Fast Uk

Have you found yourself saying, I need to sell my house fast uk? This is not an uncommon situation to be in although the reasons are not always the same. Sometimes a property is inherited from a lost loved one and bills need to be paid, or even avoided such as the property taxes. Other [...]

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