What is going on with Brexit!? well as this continues to be the overall sentiment for all including the cabinet including its leaders. The property market seems to have taken a back seat approach leading to a drop in prices witnessed in London, added with increasing stamp duty on second homes and increasing interest rates its likely that the market my subdue until it all settles down and buyer confidence is regained.

We understand that sometimes Buyers need to sell and renting out the property until the market picks up may not always be an option. whether your in a chain and need to sell your home or in financial difficulties. Whatever the reason here are some tips to get the best asking Price!

  1. Finish any DIY projects you started but lost the buzz for! no one likes to see half painted walls!
  2. Soft Floral decorations on viewings (fresh flowers give prospective buyers a breath of fresh air and give a lovely homely feeling)
  3. Artwork walls give a look and feel of real elegance, its not necessarily needing to be picasso but something modern and neutral usually goes down a treat.
  4. Neutral paints mean a buyer who is not so DIY savvy as you means that they can picture themselves living in your home and that means removing that spice girls wallpaper!
  5. With the aided government support first time buyers are more active than ever so try to take burdens off your buyer a new kitchen & bathroom can be expensive if a buyer is needing to get this done themselves. if the budget allows a new bathroom and kitchen may increase value and also get you offers quicker!
  6. Unclutter your home sometimes even the biggest of rooms seem small with too much furniture or personal belongings.

There are alternatives to open market sales through agents but if speed is necessary why not give us a call! we promise to offer you a straightforward easy purchase and can work around your timeline.

08003687399 or email us on info@sell-fast.co.uk