Brexit still effecting the housing market

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit has been looming for the past 3 years, the uncertainty created by such a large economic change continues to pose questions over the domestic housing market. The main question on every homeowners' lips is, “Will Brexit affect the housing market”? According to the Bank of England  If there is a hard [...]

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A good ‘opportunity to buy’ property for first-time buyers in 2019.

With uncertainty reaching the housing market and a continued slowdown of price growth, there could be an opportunity for first-time buyers in the housing market, especially those that are property cash buyers. The continued measures by Chancellor Phillip Hammond in his latest budgets have seen a sustained relief in the initial costs of homeownership [...]

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Sell-Fast Guide On Selling Probate Properties

The sale of a Probate property is somewhat more complex than other ordinary property sales. Here are some of the subjects that are most commonly covered in relation to property being left in a person’s will or sometimes when a will is not found. Sell-fast Unravel Probate properties and the myths behind administering estates. [...]

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Our Top Tips For Selling Your Home Quickly

  When it comes to selling your property, we know that it can be quite difficult at times to sell your property fast. Whether it be due to the increased difficulty in buyers securing a mortgage, the home you are trying to sell is quite aged, or the area in which your property is [...]

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Most Effective Way To Sell Your Property At Auction

There are a variety of choices available for potentialproperty vendors today like never before.  From rapid cash buyers to part-exchange and conventional estate agent sales, the decision is yours - for what reason help out the well established procedure of property auctions, and precisely what does it include? Why Sell At Auction? Providing a property [...]

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How to Avoid Repossession of Your Home

For many people, buying a home is a dream come true. However, that dream can soon start to fall apart if mortgage payments are not kept up. Indeed, if you accumulate arrears, it can result in your property becoming repossessed. In the following insightful article, you will learn about the repossession process and discover how [...]

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How to Value Your House

When Valuing your home what do you need to account for? Many factors can affect how much your house is worth, some of which may surprise you. So, how do you accurately value your property? Find out in the following insightful information. How much is your property worth? More often than not, there will be [...]

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How Universal Credit is fuelling the UK housing crisis

The universal credit implementation has continued to have major issues not only for a variety of different groups of people. This includes welfare recipients, the sick or the disabled and many more, with 17,000 disabled or unwell people have passed away since Universal Credit was introduced. What's more, 150,000 additional deaths have occurred due to [...]

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