How Universal Credit is fuelling the UK housing crisis

The universal credit implementation has continued to have major issues not only for a variety of different groups of people. This includes welfare recipients, the sick or the disabled and many more, with 17,000 disabled or unwell people have passed away since Universal Credit was introduced. What's more, 150,000 additional deaths have occurred due to [...]

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Property And Brexit – Sell-Fast has some Top Price tips

What is going on with Brexit!? well as this continues to be the overall sentiment for all including the cabinet including its leaders. The property market seems to have taken a back seat approach leading to a drop in prices witnessed in London, added with increasing stamp duty on second homes and increasing interest rates [...]

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What Is The Fair Market Value Of My House

Tips from a Valuer Hiring a professional RICS registered property surveyor is the most accurate way of calculating what is the fair market value of my house. If you're happy to crunch the numbers yourself, you can figure out your home's approximate value by analyzing the sale prices of similar homes that have sold in [...]

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We Buy Your House For a Fair Value

The Thought of selling your home may bring along mixed feelings. Sell-Fasts pledge is if we engage with our customers to take all the stress and burden off the vendor once we agree a cash purchase of your home. Whatever your financial state, there is still hope.  with us the possibility of avoiding agents when [...]

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We Buy Any House In Any Condition

When needing to sell your home quickly on the market you need to assure your property is in the best condition possible so it trumps the competitive offering on the market. currently with Brexit looming and buyer confidence slumping agents are reporting less properties are actually achieving market asking prices therefore sometimes agents promises are [...]

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Selling Your House Quickly

The way to selling your house quickly individually can be a fantastic challenge for the majority of people but can also be a daunting task especially if you've never done it before. While attempting to sell your property privately is never as simple as you might think, it's certainly a viable approach to avoid paying [...]

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Sell My House Fast Online Quote

When you think about sell my house fast online quote yourself, you think about 3 options, attempting to sell your house or apartment with the aid of a real estate agent, selling your house for sale by proprietor with that aid of house on the web quotation. The truth is selling your house or apartment [...]

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Sell My House Fast For Market Value

The way to offer your own house with no realtor individually is definitely a thrilling challenge for the majority of people but may also be a challenging task especially in the event that you've never done it previously. While attempting to sell your property privately is less simple as you might believe, it's undoubtedly a [...]

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Sell My House Fast Estate Agents

If you're interested in sell my house fast estate agents, you are going to discover that the conventional way of attempting to sell your house via an estate representative may be an extended and problematic procedure. You may need to come across some agents to have comparisons and arrange to get a evaluation, paint & [...]

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