Property Transactions Fall: The Effects of Brexit and the Housing Price Cool Down on Vendor Expectations

The housing market for the UK has been under changes due to the major event of Brexit. It is not the prices of the houses that have been affected much but the number of seller and buyer deals being completed. The housing prices have experienced little effects of Brexit. Homebuyers are moving in most [...]

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The Hold of the Freeholder on the Leaseholder

The Unfair Approach from freeholders is not going un-noticed All to often we hear of the leaseholder having to fight his freeholder due to costs being forced on the leaseholder When dealing with your freeholder never let time pass without knowing your deadlines to reply, all documents that are served on you as a [...]

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Will my portfolio be worth me keeping after the tax reforms on BTL’s?

Tax changes is your portfolio ready? Buy-to-let properties may soon become a burden on your tax return, the once coveted buy-to-let may radically be increasing your Personal Tax under the Reforms that then Chancellor George Osborne introduced Transferring your properties into a limited company has its benefits but may become an expensive procedure when you [...]

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