All to often we hear stories of the UK Property ownership becoming a thing of the past

With Sky High Prices and international investment into the U.K do young professionals have a chance without help?

With the average UK home costing £211,000 this is certainly not pocket change money saved up coming out of University, Prospective Buyers are having to move back in with relatives or flat share to reduce their overheads at the opportunity of saving a deposit that would cover the costs to purchase a home.

If you are lucky enough to be able to turn to family for help your not alone a recent survey conducted produced results that the bank of Mum & Dad helped their children with a whopping £8.8bn.

Are the Government doing enough to help?

Everywhere you look it seems developers are building high end luxury apartments and as part of their planning conditions quite regularly they would need to contribute some units under s106 agreements, with these allocated social housing  units some would be available for part buy & part rent under the governments help to buy initiative  which can get professionals on the ladder with a smaller outlay but still may be a long road to outright purchase.