When it comes to selling your property, we know that it can be quite difficult at times to sell your property fast. Whether it be due to the increased difficulty in buyers securing a mortgage, the home you are trying to sell is quite aged, or the area in which your property is located has considerable competition, you don’t want to have to wait months and months (sometimes even years) to complete a sale. We have put together a few top tips to help you sell your home quickly. 

1. The Power of Property Valuations 

Know the power of property valuations. Many homeowners make the mistake of fixing a sale price without doing some research into its worth on the current property market. Speak to a few different appraisers and have them complete property valuations and compare the documents. Different appraisers will likely have differing views on the value of your home, so it is wise to take an average of all the property valuations and set this as your price. 

2. Use the Internet 

Property valuations aren’t the only powerful players when it comes to selling your home, so the internet can be a valuable tool that you can use to your advantage. With more and more of the population turning to the internet for deals and information, marketing your home online can reach another interested audience that may not be exposed to traditional marketing avenues. Make sure you consider a variety of options, including multiple property listing sites, social media and videos and photographs for added appeal.

3. Signage is Important too 

Having signage placed at your home indicating your home is for sale is the next best way to sell. It is also worthwhile considering having a sign at the end of your street and, if you are struggling to create a signpost, an estate agent will only assist if they are selling on their behalf

4. Make your property look Appealing

Making sure both the external and the interior of your home are presentable and appealing are very important considerations to address when selling your home. If the external is not attractive then people are unlikely to even walk through the front door and, once they are inside, they want to be impressed by what they see. Look into home staging if you believe it is necessary, spray some fragrance around and do what you can to make your home a unique place for buyers to visit and return in the view of buying the property

5. Speak to an experienced local estate agent 

Hire an experienced local estate agent to assist with the sale. Nothing can replace experience and knowledge of the area, and they have a range of marketing materials and resources in order to sell your house faster. 

6. Use Bidding in Your Favor 

Using bidding can help attract more buyers and return a higher profit if used correctly. Even if you are aware of what your home is worth, start with a lower bidding price and this will entice buyers to bid. After you have received a considerable amount of offers, choose the highest and this may encourage people to bid even higher. Use this tactic wisely however, if there are better homes for a lower price or a considerable array of properties on the market in the area it may not be productive.

7. Pricing

When trying to get a price, always make sure you know what your property is worth. If you are trying to reach an exact price, prices that sit just under the nearest £100,000 can provide a mental advantage. For example, if you know that your property is worth £500,000, then when you place it on the market, make the listed price £498,450. This makes buyers think a reasonable price has been reached, even though it is almost the same thing. 

Autumn and spring are always the best time to list your property as the volume of buyers tends to increase in the property market. Usually, this is associated with the warmer weather and the transition of families from either in and out of school or on vacation and returning. When conditions are harsh, the market tends to struggle and estate agents tend to estimate that higher prices are achieved in the autumn and springtime of the year. If you do list in these tougher times, you could end up being a seller who will have to hold out until your price is achieved. If you are failing to get the price you want, setting a deadline can be helpful for you to accept the market price. If you are not in a rush and have an appropriate estate agent, then being patient might be the way to go. 

However, if you are in desperate need of money during a hard time or you just want to sell off the property as quickly as possible before it is repossessed why not contact Sell Fast for advice, as we buy any house. We provide smart advice which draws in property cash buyers and helps you sell your property in a prompt and professional manner. Contact us on 0800 368 7399 or request a call back to find out how much you could get for your property.