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Sell-Fast is the leading company in the industry when it comes to fast property selling in the UK. We buy any property regardless of condition and location. Our cash offers are carefully formulated after a quick market research and we ensure that it justifies the worth of your house. All you need is to complete the “SELL YOUR HOME” form. You can also call FREE on 0800 368 7399. One of team members will speak to you and answer any query you may have.


Conducting the market research and calculating the value:

Sell-Fast is very thorough with the process of selling your property fast. We connect with our clients in the most hospitable way possible to find out as many details about their property intended to be sold as possible. This also includes information about the interior and what kind of local area and amenities surround it. After our consultation with the client, we turn the conversation towards the local property experts and real estate agents. This expertise is taken to formulate a correct valuation for the property in question. After collecting all the required information, we develop a valuation report, which is sent to the client. This report presents a detailed overview of the information we gathered.


Get your house sold for quick cash:

As soon as we have delivered you the valuation report, it also comes with our guarantee of a reasonable cash offer. Our clients can be assured that they will receive the cash offer at the earliest possible time. Once we have provided the customer with a cash offer, it is up to them if they accept it or not but they will only have a time of 30 days until the given cash offer remains open. If the client is satisfied and accepts the offer, then we will be ready to complete the sale transaction.


Complete the sale transaction quickly after accepting cash offer:

As soon as you have accepted our cash offer, the Sell-Fast team will begin an internal survey of the property. This survey is conducted to ensure that the property is exactly in the manner you have described to the company.

Sell-Fast in no way pressurizes the customers to accept the cash offer provided. They have full freedom to accept or reject. However, we can only give a time period of 30 days to accept the offer. As soon as you do, we will be ready to arrange the transaction and complete the quick sale. Moreover, the date of the sale can also be adjusted to your convenience. All in all, this is not only the quickest house sale service you can get but the smoothest as well.

Sell-Fast Offers a Guaranteed Cash Offer

Clients who choose the Sell-Fast service to sell their UK house as fast as possible will notice a considerably different as compared to traditional methods. We have a far better, reliable, and quicker service than any real estate agent can offer across the UK.

Here is a comparison of Sell-Fast and Real Estate Agents in the UK:

Features Sell-Fast Real Estate Agents
Cash Offer Time 1 to 3 days 8 to 10 weeks
Reliability 7 days or less: a guaranteed quick cash offer The chain of third-party funders can break or the buyer can refuse to buy at a certain stage
Sales Completion Time According to the customer’s wishes or needs Fixed date for moving or vacating the property. Very little flexibility
Selling Speed 7 to 10 days Can take up to 6 months or even more
Flexibility Meeting customer’s requirements as much possible Fixed moving dates with little leeway for the customer
Privacy No “for sale” signs or buyers coming for open houses Buyers lining up to view the exterior and interior of the property as “for sale” signs go up
Selling With Tenancy Tenants are not forced to leave; Sell-Fast simply takes over as new landlords Tenants are usually required to vacate so the new owners can take charge
Additional Support Sell-Fast covers legal expenses and pays up to £1,000 for this purpose No additional financial help is provided; in fact, extra expenses may have to be incurred by the seller and the buyer
TOTAL TIME: 10 days (or less) 21 to 24 weeks on average
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Sell-Fast is Your Number One Source for Quickly Selling a Property in the UK

We don’t put any constraints on condition or location of the property. Each cash offer is decided based on individual properties instead of applying any company standards or percentages. Each sale date is decided according to the customer’s preferences but the sale completion is managed to be as quick as possible.

With 10 years of experience, we are dedicated to reducing the hassle clients have to face in order to sell their properties. Being direct purchaser, we ensure that no third-party is involved. Therefore, there is no fuss or chaos regarding a chain of several parties involved in a single purchase.

Our success and respectable reputation in the UK comes from the fact that we keep the selling process not only quick but simple. Whether your house is old or new, Sell-Fast is always ready to help you make a quick sale.